For those of you who are considering or are still on the fence about joining the Castle Connolly Private Health Partnership (CCPHP), I’m hopeful that this will assist in that decision. I have been with Eastside Primary Care & Wellness since moving from Monterey California in 2012, and extremely grateful that I have been. Despite the recent and unfortunate loss of physicians and staff, the truth is, I’ve always felt as though I was receiving “concierge” service from Dr. Suh and the entire staff at Eastside Primary Care. With that said, I didn’t hesitate to join CCPHP immediately when the program began. Believe it or not, that decision was three-fold for me. One, I am constantly travelling for work and often away from home at unexpected and inconvenient period of times. Two, when I considered how important my health was to me, I enjoyed the thought of even more personalized healthcare from Dr. Suh and Eastside family. Lastly, with all the uncertainty in this world with almost everything we encounter in daily life, this was an opportunity to not only maintain a level of consistency in such a critical area, but having the ability to stay with such an amazing team of professionals, required no second thought.

Being on the road while needing to see a doctor for routine check-ups, illness, or even prescriptions, isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do nor the most convenient for you OR the doctor’s office for that matter. Since joining, I have been afforded telemedicine appointments, video-telemedicine appointments, as well as last minute or in some cases same-day appointments when I made it back home. A true story and testament to the level of unparalleled care happened just last week. I was out of state and had been unable to follow-up on that Friday afternoon with information for the office. The very next day….yes, Saturday…..Dr. Suh finished watching his son’s soccer practice before heading into the office in order to ensure a medication was refilled thus eliminating a missed day/dose.

Most of us have deductibles, co-pays, etc. It’s no secret that healthcare can be expensive at times. When I thought about this, I tried to look at the big picture. If I can spend money on gym memberships, vitamins, or even pay a little extra at Whole Foods buying the “healthy option” items, why wouldn’t I invest in the complete package? If I get sick, need advice, have questions, or heaven forbid something more serious? I can tell you, neither Whole Foods, the young staff member at the front desk of the gym, or even one of my friends in our golf foursome are going to be able to
provide adequate solutions to those situations. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to be driving a Ferrari if you’re not going to put tires on it that don’t have the steel belts showing!

Even if I hadn’t convinced myself with all of that, I undoubtedly would have with my final consideration. I don’t want to see anybody else, period. With the ridiculous amount of knowledge, professionalism, and standard of care, not to mention an absolutely amazing staff….honestly, there is no way on Earth that I’m going to find all of those things at another office. Not to mention the thought of completely starting over with another provider who doesn’t know me any more than a stranger on the street. This sealed the deal for me. This was where I could make the choice of who I wanted to see and stay with for once and not because they were “in network” but because they were the best of the best. I chose ME and what I deserved and it was Eastside Primary Care & Wellness’ CCPHP with Dr. Suh!

- Jon M., Patient at Eastside Primary Care & Wellness

Dr. Suh & Staff,

I started with you when you first moved here, as you were seeing Patients at Bellevue Family Medicine. I had been with them since around 1979. When you decided to go out on your own I went with you along with my entire family. Of course since then my family has grown. We have four wonderful daughters and son in laws. Ten grandchildren. You even delivered my first grandchild. Obviously I have not been an easy patient, and you have saved my life more than once. Speaking as someone who has had 18 surgeries. Including heart surgery. I remember when I was told I needed a transplant and you said I’m sending you for a second opinion from a fantastic group of Doctors from Overlake Cardiologists. And they took excellent care of me. I needed surgery and other treatments. But no transplant!! Even as I write this email I’m recovering from Knee Replacement. Fro a surgeon you set me up with that did a great job. Knowing the right Doctors to refer your patients to is another reason it’s important to have a Doctor who knows your history well. I’m excited about your new endeavor and realize this is the future of family medicine. For those that still want the special relationship with their own Doctor and not just going into a clinic and seeing someone different and you don’t know every time. It’s amazing you are talking care of so many in my family and my brothers too. You have an amazing staff, and obviously couldn’t have been as successful without them. Being a small business owner we know how important every employee is to be able to operate successfully. It has been a very trying year for everyone, so let’s hope the new year is a better one. And that your new endeavor is everything you hope for!

Thanks again,

Rick J., Patient at Eastside Primary Care & Wellness

A shout out to all of our Health Care Angels! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers! I personally know Dr. Suh. He is an awesome human! When my daughter was in the hospital, for more than a month, recovering from her brain aneurysm, he was a wealth of information for me, his almost daily messages to me gave me the hope and courage I so desperately needed to get me through one of the most terrifying things that I have ever experienced in my entire lifetime. I hope you know, Dr. Suh, just how much that meant to me! God bless you! In my eyes you are a true hero, an Angel in disguise.🙏❤️

Lauri A., Patient at Eastside Primary Care & Wellness