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It’s always a welcome sight to see a a letter or card written to us in the midst of the daily mail. Our service and promise to you is important, and we really appreciate our patients and their kind words. Please see below what others are saying about us. Or if you’d like to leave a testimonial Click the YELP! Logo on the left.

Dr. Suh, I would like to Thank You for the difference you have made in my health and life with your treatment for my RA, the IV vitamin treatments are helping my fatigue tremendously, and the Infrared Body Wraps, are Magical, the relief of joint pain is truly unbelievable.

Many Thanks! Bob

“Today is day 42 of my hcg experience. Throughout this process, I have refused to call it a “diet,” because diets fail. Failing is not an option. I chose to use words such as “meal plan,” or “process,” or “program.”

As of this morning, I am down 31.6 pounds. My boyfriend and I plan to continue together toward our final weight goals. His support has made this process so much easier. I’d like to be in the 150s (I’m currently 186.4) like I was before moving back to Washington. With the amount of muscle I’ve built in the last couple years, that seems to me to be a very healthy goal weight. I felt the best when I was in that weight range.

Many people reward such a success with a setback of old habits, but I’ve decided that my reward is to buy myself a gift: a fancy new bed! My knee will also be happy to be done with the pedestal bed I’ve struggled in and out of since my injury and surgery.

Thank you, Dr. C, for the support, for saying you’re proud of me (I SO needed that!) and for providing such a well laid out plan that I could easily follow. The injections were easy and painless, just like Teal said they would be, and while the list of foods was very limiting to my creativity, I made it work.

I will forever be grateful for this boost in my weight loss and for the tremendous increase of confidence. I feel awesome! Thanks again!”

Deb Young

“Eastside Primary Care and Wellness has continued to offer sound medical advice and direction since their inception two (?) years ago. Although growing at a dramatic pace, Dr. Suh has maintained a continuing interest from both a professional and personal point of view. In fact, it is his early diagnosis and recommendation that played a key role in averting what could have been a very serious debilitation of my personal health. For that, I remain grateful.”

“I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional quality of care that has been offered to my husband and myself for the past year. The care we received is outstanding. The encouragement that we both receive is above and beyond anything that we ever expected. Eastside Primary Care is beautifully maintained, welcoming, professional, and has a caring environment. Every member in your staff is highly skilled, 100% committed to patient care, and taught to take pride in their work and shares the same priority- “total patient care”. We cannot thank you enough for all the care and support.”

"Dr. Suh and his staff are extremely friendly, supportive and helpful. Dr. Suh always takes the time necessary to explain every detail of my condition or of the treatment he is recommending. The office and waiting area are always clean and pleasant. I would highly recommend Dr. Suh and his staff. They’re wonderful.”

“Erik is the best doctor I have ever seen. his attention to the patient is very personal, detailed and caring. I have never felt rushed with him and he spends more than enough time with me making sure that I understand every detail of my medical situation. If you are looking for the BEST medical practitioner for your health care, Erik is that Dr.. I recommend him with out reservations.”

“Erik and his staff provide full service primary care, with an emphasis on wellness and prevention. He is personable, enthusiastic, and a good listener. He brings to his new office an established reputation in Eastside primary care.”

“Erik has been our family’s general physician for more than two years. We first met him when he was at a clinic with a group of other doctors and care providers and we elected to stay with him when he left that clinic to open his own practice. Erik takes a much broader look at health than some other doctors we’ve worked with in the past, including offering advice on nutrition and exercise and making alternative treatments, such as vitamin therapy or accupuncture available as part of a whole-person approach toward health and wellness. We have appreciated his thoughtful, personal style and his willingness to listen.”

“Botox treatment on patients requires a doctor with in-depth knowledge the reagent and a proper training for the applications. As a researcher working in the National Cancer Institute for a decade using skin as a model, I fully understand the benefits of Botox and possible side effects on human skin. I have known Erik for almost 40yrs, so I can confidently endorse his ability and treatment plans for the use of Botox. I am certain that he will bring the top notch botox treatments to his patients and perform the treatments with utmost care and confidence.”

“Erik first became my doctor in which I only expected to see and hear from when I had medical problems. It turns out that a great friendship was built from his caring and warm heart. Erik really cares about me which means a lot to me within the medical world. I usually go into his office not feeling good, but coming out feeling uplifted that he has helped my condition.”


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