November ’23 Newsletter

Dear Patients,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I have a surprise!

But first, I want to give thanks and show our gratitude for the blessings in my life. Did you realize that being part of our practice is helping me and my work family to put food on our table, have a place to live, be able to rest in a nice warm bed and soft pillow to rest our heads? At times, we forget about the little things in our lives that are made possible due to our patients trusting us to provide the best care we can deliver. Thank you, thank you!

And, here is the big surprise. Our family is growing!

Nope, I am not having another baby. You are crazy for thinking that. LOL. We did however add the newest member of our work family, Lacee. With her 15 years of experience in medicine as RN and now nurse practitioner, she naturally fits in with our philosophy of being patient advocates and to treat our patients like family. I asked her why she chose us over other clinics and hospitals and her answer blew me away. She states she was looking for a clinic that she can belong to like a family. Well, she is one of us now. I will be going around and introducing her to everyone when you visit your medical home.

Again, thank you everyone for supporting our hard working medical family. Please welcome Lacee when you see her around the clinic. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!!!

Dr. Suh