March 2023 Newsletter

Dear Patients,

My first newsletter for 2023, and I hope everyone is doing well so far.

We are already into March, and how are your new year resolutions going so far?

Did you make any this year? Did it involve getting healthy, a better diet, perhaps more exercise, and getting to your wellness goals? I hope so, as this newsletter is dedicated to this very subject.

I am turning 54 in a few months.  Surprised?

I find it interesting that so many of our patients think I am in my early to mid 40’s. Well, you might not be far off as I did my biological age test which measures your cellular function, level of inflammation and antioxidants, and the results came out that I was 10 years younger.  Now most of you might have judged my age by my appearance, not my cellular age.  What I am about to tell you is not a secret.  Health and beauty are interconnected.

Let me explain.

When you are healthy and you feel good both mentally and physically, your body will function at an optimal level, which often leads to a positive self-image and an increase in your confidence, and overall wellness. This is the basis of why we offer the GDX food sensitivity panel and vitamin panel so we know which foods we need to fuel our body, and what vitamins and minerals are deficient in our body that needs replacement, so that we can function at our personal best.  This is why we also need to put products on our skin that will protect and decrease the aging skin.

So, drumroll please….

We are proud to announce our new online store, that you will be able to order the best vitamins and supplements and skincare products.  Most of you might have seen our products on our shelves.  But now we are going national and hope you will support us and tell your friends and family.

What’s the online store name and link?

That will be in the next newsletter, as we are 2 weeks away from our launch.

This is just a teaser for you to read my next newsletter.

Cheers to your health,

Dr. Suh