June 2021 Newsletter

Dear Patients,

June is already here and it’s time to honor dads, as Father’s Day is coming up soon. I love June because it’s when my daughter Sydney was born and she made me a father for the first time when I was 40 years old. I became a father much later in life compared to most guys as I was determined to become a doctor, start my own practice, and purchase my first home before I got married and started a family. Of course I did!!! Haven’t you noticed? I am all about setting goals and meeting my own expectations. However, it did come at the price of being one of the oldest dads around when we are around parents of our kids’ friends. So what did I do?

I started my journey of finding ways to slow down the aging process for my own selfish reasons. I studied hormones. I educated myself on food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. What I learned is that inflammation is the root cause of most diseases we know in medicine. Sounds familiar? Because I have talked to you about this over and over again. I started to incorporate everything I learned and found one step that is easy to do and found to be most helpful in decreasing inflammation while increasing restoration. Oxygenation.

One of my steps to anti-aging and longevity is using hyperbaric oxygen therapy once or twice a week. It’s one of the easiest ways to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow and circulation, boost your immune system, and reduce the aging process by increasing the level of oxygen in your body. What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Check out our website for answers. https://eriksuhmd.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/

So here is the deal. For Father’s Day I am gifting one free session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to all of the dads and future dads that are part of our CCPHP concierge medicine family. Eating the right amount and eating clean can be difficult to do everyday. We all cheat. I do too. Taking your supplements everyday can also be challenging, especially when you run out or take too many. I forget to take mine too sometimes. But for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, all you need is to take an hour break inside the chamber and you can do whatever you want inside. I do my IV therapy there as well as spend some extra time with my daughter Sydney. Enjoy being a father this year with a special gift from me to you. And enjoy some time with your kids that made you a father!!!


Erik Suh, MD