Happy Independence Day!

Dear Patients, 

Wow !!! Can summer make a bigger splash this year??? Did everyone do ok with the heat?  I cannot believe I got a heat rash for the first time since moving from Texas. I hope we never have that heat dome experience ever again up here. I prefer the 80’s summer weather we usually have here. 

Happy Independence Day!!! The pandemic is almost over and we get our freedom back. Our state is opening back up and we are getting ready to enjoy the summer out in the sun, with family and friends.  Make sure to use your sunscreen often. It’s going to be a hot summer. Let’s protect our skin. 

I say almost over because of the Delta variant of Covid 19 from India that is now circulating here in Washington state. It’s still important for us to pay attention to our immune system and make sure we get vaccinated. Please check out our immune support booster for those that are going to be traveling this summer. As we move around more, we will be spreading infections more, and expect to be more exposed to many viruses, not just Covid.  We usually see a surge over the summer as travel picks up, and it’s a good idea to stock up on immune boosters and take them on your trip to decrease infection rates after exposure. You will thank me that you are not sick on your vacation. 

Have you enjoyed doing telemedicine visits where you can just call in and talk with me? I love it. So convenient, easy, and fast for med refills and quick visits.  However, with the pandemic being almost over and our country opening back up fully, some insurance companies are also going back to their old ways of not covering telemedicine visits, or will require a video conference for a ‘face to face’ visit.  So, to be prepared for what’s coming, starting August we will start converting all telemedicine visits to video through the Spruce app.  If you have not downloaded the app, please do so.  If your insurance company does not allow telemedicine visits, then you will need to start coming in person for your visits, or else we will need to charge cash for telemedicine visits as a non-billable service. 

I hope everyone enjoys their July the 4th weekend !! Stay hydrated and cool and enjoy the sunshine. 

Doc Suh