Fall 2021 Newsletter

Dear Patients,

How quickly the fall fell upon us. Did we lose September? Time is flying and if anyone knows how to slow it down, please let us know. It’s been crazy busy with school starting and driving kids to school, taking them to practices, while trying to balance my own personal schedule.

Speaking of school, most of you know I love to teach. As a matter of fact, I am a clinical assistant professor for PNWU osteopathic medical school and clinical instructor for UW school of Medicine. If you have a child that is looking to go into healthcare, have them reach out to me, and spend a day with me seeing patients and discuss a career in medicine. I would love to offer my expertise to those that are closest to me, my patients.

Here is another special family to all of us at Eastside Primary Care & Wellness. We’re so pleased to see the first babies of the clinic grow into young adults and go off to concur the world. I wanted to do a quick shout out to another one of my patients that I delivered 18 years ago, and now he is all grown up and going off to college. I am proud of the man you grew up to be, love how you take care of your family, and how you’re becoming a great golfer!

As far as the pandemic goes, I have some good news. Our kids are not coming down with Covid as much as we feared when school started.
Also got an email from Overlake that their hospital admission with Covid has been slowly decreasing, which means we have hit the peak of Delta variant, and are on our way down. My hope is that this is the last of our major wave, and we can possibly go into the holiday season with more gratitude vs. poor attitude.

Just FYI, my newsletters are now going to be slowing down so that I can focus more on work and kids, and most likely will come every 2 or 3 months, vs. monthly.

I will be in touch again before Thanksgiving. Keep warm, keep your immune system up, as we are in the final stretch of the pandemic.

Dr. Suh