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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Dear Patients, How quickly the fall fell upon us. Did we lose September? Time is flying and if anyone knows how to slow it down, please let us know. It’s been crazy busy with school starting and driving kids to school, taking them to practices, while trying to balance my own personal schedule. Speaking of…

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August Newsletter

Dear Patients, It’s already August and we are gearing up for school again. I feel like summer is getting shorter and time is flying by faster, or I am just getting old? Speaking of time, it’s been over 20 years since I moved to Washington from Texas. I still remember the early days of my…

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Happy Independence Day!

Dear Patients,  Wow !!! Can summer make a bigger splash this year??? Did everyone do ok with the heat?  I cannot believe I got a heat rash for the first time since moving from Texas. I hope we never have that heat dome experience ever again up here. I prefer the 80’s summer weather we usually have here.  Happy Independence Day!!!…

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June 2021 Newsletter

Dear Patients, June is already here and it’s time to honor dads, as Father’s Day is coming up soon. I love June because it’s when my daughter Sydney was born and she made me a father for the first time when I was 40 years old. I became a father much later in life compared…

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