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Posts by Eastside Primary Care & Wellness

April ’20 Newsletter

Dear Patients, It’s been a crazy month hasn’t it? So much has happened and changed since I last wrote a newsletter. I wish I could make this all go away and push a restart or reset button to  2020. I know you are anxious, panicking, and wondering what we are supposed to do. We are…

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February Love

Dear Patients, February is here and love is in the air. Time to shift our thoughts from holiday planning and Christmas shopping to Valentine’s Day planning and gift ideas. If you are fresh out of ideas what to get your Love, we do offer a variety of spa services you can choose from, or buy…

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Happy Halloween!

Dear Patients, Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!!! It’s getting cold and rainy again. It’s time to bring out the warm clothes. I played a mean trick on my youngest son, Aedan. While shopping at Fred Myer I picked up a giant stuffed spider and teased him with it. The sheer look of fear in his…

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Dear Patients

I hope everyone is enjoying one of the best summers I have experience since moving up here from Texas 14 years ago. Yes, the weather has been nice and I have enjoyed lot of outdoor activities with my family. Yes, the business has been steady this summer instead of slowing down like it usually does.…

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