August Newsletter

Dear Patients,

It’s already August and we are gearing up for school again. I feel like summer is getting shorter and time is flying by faster, or I am just getting old? Speaking of time, it’s been over 20 years since I moved to Washington from Texas.

I still remember the early days of my career where I would rush to Overlake Hospital to deliver babies. I have to say it’s been an amazing journey taking care of these tiny babies to these giant graduating students who are going off to college!!! I am beaming with pride and positive self reflection that I made the right choice of going into family medicine and have so many patients that welcome me as an important member of their families (look at the sweet picture collage below).
To all the graduating students this year, my message to you is this: GRIT. It’s been a tough year with this pandemic, which means if you survived, you are tough! Know your strength to overcome any challenges that may come your way and grind it out and don’t give up! You are capable of achieving greatness!!!

Speaking of students, I have been asked by many parents regarding vaccination, especially with the rise of the Delta variant. One comment. Vaccinated kids have a lower risk of hospitalization and death from Covid. As parents, we will do anything to reduce the risk of death to our children. Don’t wait and regret that you did not reduce their risk when they are fighting for their lives. I have vaccinated my daughter Sydney, who is 12.

Lastly, have I told you how much I am loving going into concierge medicine with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners? Do I look more relaxed these days? I do enjoy my work more. I like having an app where you and I can communicate with each other. It is a huge bonus. Well, we are getting an upgrade. You will be receiving an email from CCPHP soon with instructions how to download ChatWellMD which will replace the Spruce app. We will slowly transition over to the newer and improved app for our communications over the next month.

We are in for another heat wave. Stay cool and hydrated and enjoy the rest of summer.

Dr. Suh