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Eastside Primary Care and Wellness is home to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wellness in Bellevue, WA. Hyberbaric chambers are used to deliver higher oxygen concentration to your body vs. just breathing air at regular pressure. It is a self contained chamber with air compressor and oxygen concentrator pumping air into the chamber to pressurehas been FDA cleared for multiple health conditions, such as decompression sickness, air/gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injury, radiation injury, thermal burn injury, compromised skin graft or flap, necortizing skin infections, brain abscess, among others.

However, recent research here in the US and around the world has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be an alternative treatment to a variety of other health conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), sports related injury, memory loss and dementia, autism, migraine headaches and other inflammatory and infectious diseases like Lyme disease. It also has been helpful for post surgical wound healing from plastic surgery to orthopedic surgery where blood vessel and circulation might be compromised from incision and swelling. We are most excited about hyperbaric oxygen therapy in it's regenerative potential as an anti-aging treatment. The higher level of oxygen has shown to proliferate and mobilize stem cells from bone marrow and plays a key role in restoring and enhancing body function to accelerating repair of aging or damaged tissue.

This increased oxygenation allows for many health benefits including; Cell growth and regeneration- Promotes fibroblast and collagen synthesis, attracts stem cells to the injury area New capillary growth- Formation of new blood vessels to supply blood to areas of the body with low circulation Immune support- Improves the body’s ability to fight infections and diseases Detoxification- Eliminates harmful chemicals and toxins from the body Reduced inflammation and swelling- Due to increased blood flow Improved neurological functioning- Promotes nervous tissue regeneration The HBOT treatment lasts about 60 minutes and you can read, take a nap, listen to music, check your social media, meditate or just relax during your treatment session. O ur chamber is spacious and comfortable, measuring 32 inches in diameter. Patients can see out of the chamber through a window on the side and claustrophobic people will appreciate that it is big enough to comfortably sit up in and you can leave the chamber at any time. It had enough room for two adults at a time but will be tight. It fits better for one adult with a child.

Famous athletes like NBA star Lebron James, NFL Seahawks player Russell Okung, and Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy therapy to aid in their recovery and performance in their sports. If you have a hard to manage injury or illness, or would simply like to slow down and restore some signs of aging, or have a desire to improve your athletic performance, come in for a consultation and see if hyperbaric oxygen therapy might be the treatment you need.

Off Label Conditions that can be treated with HBOT:

  • ADD
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Lyme Disease
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Cardiac Problems
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Crohn’s Disease