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BOTOX® for Migraines

Are you suffering from chronic migraines? Eastside Primary Care & Wellness offers BOTOX® for migraines to improve a patient's pain and the life interruptions they are experiencing as a result.

Migraines can severely affect the quality of individual’s daily life, forcing people to avoid social events, decreasing their performance at work or at home.

Approved by the FDA in 2010 to treat chronic migraines, BOTOX® for migraines treatment is a great way to reduce the occurrence and pain of migraines.

BOTOX® for migraine treatment works by stopping certain chemicals from reaching the nerve endings, resulting in less pain. In recent studies, 80% of patients experienced elimination or significant improvement of their migraine headaches after Botox® for migraines treatment.

This quick and safe method is performed by Dr.Suh in Bellevue/Eastside area and typically lasts about 12 weeks.

Call us today to see if BOTOX® for migraines is the right treatment for you!

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